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Hello Fellow Greenies!

energizeGreen is a totally cool radio show about energy conservation and green lifestyles. I'm Andrea Ridout, aka Ask Andrea. Each week, along with my co-host, Dan "the Solar Man" Lepinski, we feature experts on the show who really know their stuff. Our goals are to help you save energy, make smart choices, and live a more sustainable life. And we always have a little fun along the way. Join us!

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Scotts Logo Scotts Organics

For almost four weeks, our energizeGreen staff have been incredibly busy maintaining a large open garden area at the 2009 Texas State Fair. It was a busy, exciting, and sometimes hectic time for our whole team! I want to personally thank Scotts Miracle Gro for sponsoring energizeGreen at the Texas State Fair, and in particular Jennifer Singleton for providing so many samples of their products and new organic fertilizers. Kudos to Ashton Richie for taping some cool gardening tips on the radio with me! I'd also like to thank each and every one of our volunteers and providers of the many many samples and prizes we handed out. We couldn't have done it without you!
Thank you also goes to everyone who stopped by our outdoor display. We enjoyed meeting you!
I now have a BIG announcement! We've partnered with Mother Earth News! On November 1, energizeGreen becomes "Mother Earth News Radio!" We're the same team .. but now have the depth of talent and resources the oldest publication in living wisely brings to our show. Mother Earth News Radio debuts on Saturday, November 7, nationwide.
I'm going to take a break for a few days to recuperate from our nearly month-long effort at the Fair. I'm going to visit Mother Earth News this week and will return with more exciting news soon!
- Andrea :)

Andrea was featured in a news article by "intownmix"!
See the beginnings of our energizeGreen garden at the Texas State Fair!

Would you like the entire collection of the 2009 State Fair of Texas Tips of the day? We've assembled them into one group. Download your copy today! (96 k)

2009 State Fair Tips of the day.

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Unique Recycled Products

As seen on DFW FOX 4 "Good Day", August 27, 2009
by energizeGreen Co-host, Andrea Ridout.
Andrea on DFW Fox4 TV showing unique recycled products. The Fox4 reporter covering the story modeled a t-shirt made of recycled plastic during the newscast.

Do-It-Yourself Basic Energy Audit Instructions

Free and low-cost steps you can take to help save energy around your home.

How to Build a Keyhole Garden

by Dr. Deb Tolman, Ph.D.

"Green Thoughtz"

by Melissa T. Shultz

"Phone a Picture Book.pdf"

Heard on energizeGreen, October 10, 2009

"Back to School"

Heard on energizeGreen, September 19, 2009

"Recycling the Light Bulb Joke"

Heard on energizeGreen, August 22, 2009

"What Does Green Look Like?"

Heard on energizeGreen, August 8, 2009

"It's Not Easy Being Green"

Heard on energizeGreen, July 25, 2009

"Power of Laughter"

Heard on energizeGreen, July 11, 2009

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Special Announcement!

On our October 17 show, Cheryl Long, Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth News Magazine joined us on the air to share a special announcement. energizeGreen has partnered with Mother Earth News! On November 1, 2009, we become "Mother Earth News Radio". Our inaugural broadcast as Mother Earth News Radio will be heard Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 9:00 am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and 12 noon Eastern time (9:00 am Pacific) for our national audience. Future shows, show archives, and our blogs will be available on our new Mother Earth News Radio website starting November 7, 2009. See our Press Release for more information.
Tune into Mother Earth News Radio every Saturday morning at 9:00 am CST in Dallas-Ft. Worth on CNN-1190 AM, and nationally on The USA Radio Network at 11 am CST. Listen live at 12 noon Eastern Time (our program starts after a 6-minute news break). Choose "Channel 3", "Tune in Now". Andrea Ridout (aka Ask Andrea) and Dan "The Solar Man" Lepinski, Co-hosts of energizeGreen, are excited to welcome this week's energetic guests:  
  • Cheryl Long, Editor-in-Chief, Mother Earth News
    Cheryl discusses keeping your garden soil in tip-top shape for the winter by planting cover crops; harvesting veggies sooner by using low-cost "quick hoops", a mini-greenhouse for your garden; the declining honeybee population; and home-scale wind turbines.
  • John Simonetta, Owner, Proforma Simonetta Freelance
    John educates about the many print and promotional item solutions available for businesses and organizations wishing to go green, to show that businesses do have eco-friendly options - from clothing to printing to promotional items - to meet any business need. John has been in the marketing business for over 10 years and writes a twice weekly blog on the greening of the promotional items industry.
  • Keith Lyles, Owner, Superoof
    We talk with Keith about upgrading existing roofs after an insurance claim; investment grade roofing; Energy Star-rated roofing for tax credits, and more.
Next week: More energizing and green information for you!

Dallas Area Green Events, presented by:

GoGo Realtors
The first green real estate company in the country!

Thanks also to our friends at: Earth/Food/Animal/GreenNewsletter. More info available there about many of these events:
  • Saturday, November 7th & November 14th
    Master Composter Class in Fort Worth. Class participants will spend 2 days in the classroom and doing hands on activities learning about proper leaf management, the ins and outs of composting, including vermi-composting. Class participants completing both days will receive a compost bin.
  • Sunday, November 8
    Recycling at Texas Motors Speedway. Join volunteers from "Keep Fort Worth Beautiful" and Coca-Cola as we collect recyclables out of the stands after the race. For more information contact Jay Long at or Debbie Branch at
  • Tuesday November 10
    "Recycling - Don't Stop There" Workshop. City of Fort Worth, City of Arlington and UTA invite area businesses to a free workshop to learn how to implement a business recycling program, save money through water and energy saving tips. To register, visit: City of Fort Worth website.

National Green Events, presented by:

Amtrak Logo - Andrea's favorite way to travel!
  • November 11 - 12
    Green America's Green Business Conference. GAGBC brings their eighth annual Green Business Conference to San Francisco's Hotel Whitcomb, November 11-12, 2009. The event will occur just prior to the Green Festival, the nation's largest green consumer event, on November 13-14, 2009, at the Concourse Exhibition Center, where businesses can reach tens of thousands of green consumers. The conference offers a plethora of speakers, workshops, business-to-business networking, and numerous green marketing opportunities. This year's theme, "New Ways to Prosper in the New Economy", will focus on how to grow and build an authentic green business in today's economic reality assuring that no green business is left behind.
  • November 13 - 15
    San Francisco Green Festival. Meet Bryan Welch, Mother Earth News publisher; K.C. Compton, editor in chief of The Herb Companion; and Tabitha Alterman, senior associate editor of Mother Earth News, at the San Francisco Green Festival November 13-15. Green Festival is the nation's premier sustainability event. Enjoy more than 125 renowned authors, leaders and educators; great how-to workshops; cutting-edge films; fun activities for kids; organic beer and wine; delicious vegetarian cuisine and diverse live music. The unique marketplace of eco-friendly businesses offers everything from all-natural body care products and organic cotton clothing to Fair Trade gifts and beautiful kitchen tiles made from renewable resources.
  • February 23 - 25, 2009
    Renewable Energy World North American Conference and Expo, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas. (512) 404-4000.

Dan with his near-zero energy bill
Dan showing off his low energy bill. Solar DOES work!

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Tax Credits Available!

We frequently mention tax credits and other energy conservation incentives on the show. Here are links for:

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency.

In Dallas/Fort Worth, learn more about:
Oncor's Energy Conservation Incentives - and

Oncor's Solar Energy Incentives.