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energizeGreen Show Archives

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mp3 energizeGreen October 31, 2009

Topics: Winter garden care. Mini-greenhouses for earlier harvesting. Bee colony collapse disorder. Home wind turbines. Eco-friendly business promotional products. Energy Star roofing.

Guests: Cheryl Long, Editor-in-Chief, Mother Earth News Magazine. John Simonetta, Owner, Proforma Simonetta Freelance. Keith Lyles, Owner, Superoof.


mp3 energizeGreen October 24, 2009

Topics: Eco-friendly products and materials for home improvement. Insulation and the differences among various insulating materials. VW's 2009 Jetta, "Green Car of the Year".

Guests: Brad Staggs, host of Talk2diy Home Improvement. Dale Cox, Garland Insulating. Todd Wright, Metro Volkswagen.


mp3 energizeGreen October 17, 2009

Topics: Preparing your garden for winter. Early harvesting of veggies. Finding and fixing home energy wasters. Herbal remedies for the cold and flu season. Also! Our official announcement of the partnership between Mother Earth News and energizeGreen! We're changing to "Mother Earth News Radio" November 1, 2009. Our new show will debut nationally on Saturday, November 7, 2009!

Guests: Cheryl Long, Mother Earth News. Troy Griepentrog, Mother Earth News. K.C. Compton, Herb Companion Magazine.


mp3 energizeGreen October 10, 2009

Topics: Scotts new organic fertilizers. Amtrak - more efficient travel than airplanes! Fall gardening .. peppers .. and .. chickens!

Guests: Ashton Richie, Scotts Miracle-Gro. Josephine Faires, Amtrak. Cheryl Long, Mother Earth News.


mp3 energizeGreen October 3, 2009

Topics: Green & Sustainable architecture. Energy efficient home construction. A new "LEED Platinum" restaurant in Illinois.

Guests: Gary Olp, GGO Architects. Don Ferrier, Ferrier Custom Homes. Chipotle Mexican Grill.


mp3 energizeGreen September 26, 2009

Topics: The "GROW" Project, helping need-based groups including soldiers returning from war. "Green Spot", a "green" gas station. "BigBelly", the only solar trash compactor in the world.

Guests: Charles Coiner, founder, GROW Project. Bruce Bagelman, owner, Greenspot Gas Station. Kathy Wright, BigBelly Solar Trash Compactor Company.


mp3 energizeGreen September 19, 2009

Topics: Frito-Lay's sustainable manufacturing facilities in Arizona and California. Eco-friendly countertops composed of 75% recycled materials.

Guests: Dave Haft, Group Vice President of Sustainability and Productivity at Frito-Lay North America. Lorenzo Marquez, VP of Marketing, Cosentino Countertops.


mp3 energizeGreen September 12, 2009

Topics: Water-saving landscaping and gardening. The most sustainable winery in Texas.

Guests: Michael Glassman of Discovery Homes. Gary McKibben, Red Caboose Winery.



energizeGreen Show Archives

Note: Large MP3 files! Each show is at least 50 MB!


mp3 energizeGreen September 5, 2009

Topics: Electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles by "ZAP". Revolutionary new lead-carbon batteries from Axion. Environmentally-respectful batteries from Fuji.

Guests: Steve Schneider, CEO, Zero Air Pollution Vehicles. Thomas Granville, CEO, Axion Power. Jeff Kreidenweis, Fuji Batteries.


mp3 energizeGreen August 29, 2009

Topics: "Green" steps taken by one of America's largest cities. Organic gardening and landscaping. New eco-friendly products in a large hardware store. upgrading residential insulation. Organic pet food.

Guests: Kevin Lefebvre, City of Dallas Sustainability Coordinator. Howard Garrett, "The Dirt Doctor". Andrea Bond, Elliott's Hardware. Dale Cox, Garland Insulating. Renee Chatham, City of Dallas Sanitation Services. Ronnie Felderhoff, Muenster Dog Food.


mp3 energizeGreen August 22, 2009

Topics: Green Garbage Project. Recycled decking. Insulation.

Guests: Amy Korst, "The Green Garbage Project". Leslie Adkins, Trex Decking. Chris Dugas, Johns Manville Insulation.


mp3 energizeGreen August 15, 2009

Topics: Organic foods. Natural alternatives to sleep medications. New federal lead-abatement legislation.

Guests: Cheryl Long (Mother Earth News); Stewart Lytle, Dallas Morning News. K.C. Compton (The Herb Companion); Melissa Shultz, "Green Thoughtz".


mp3 energizeGreen August 8, 2009

Topics: Home Energy Audits explained. "Cash for Clunkers" Program. Water-wise planting.

Guests: Kerry Hutchison, Randall Reed, Dale Groom, Melissa T. Shultz.


mp3 energizeGreen August 1, 2009

Topics: Green realtors. National energy policies. Energy efficient roofing. Renewable Energy Roundup.

Guests: Zagros Bigvand, Scott Sklar, Keith Lyles, Russel Smith.


mp3 energizeGreen July 25, 2009

Topics: "Keyhole" gardens. Composting.

Guests: Dr. Deb Tolman Ph.D., "Tropical John" Thomas, Melissa T. Shultz.


mp3 energizeGreen July 18, 2009

Topics: Water conservation. Home water wasters. Rain barrels.

Guests: Kevin Lefebvre, Ed "The Plumber" Del Grande, Adam Schlachter.


mp3 energizeGreen July 11, 2009

Topics: Winston Solar Car Challenge.

Guests: Colin Hills, Melissa T. Shultz.


mp3 energizeGreen July 04, 2009

Our Inauguaral Show on our new flagship station - CNN 1190AM Radio in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Topics: DIY Home energy audit. Compact fluorescents. Benjamin Moore zero VOC paint. Amtrak ticket winner.

Guests: Andrea Bond.