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Saturdays 9am Central CNN-1190AM in Dallas/Ft. Worth

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Know Your Hosts - Andrea Ridout & Dan Lepinski

Andrea Ridout - aka "Ask Andrea"


Since 2001, Andrea has made home improvement fun on Ask Andrea - The Radio Show. Now she's thrilled to launch an exciting radio program all about sustainable living called energizeGREEN, which plays at 9 AM each Saturday on CNN 1190AM in Dallas/Fort Worth.

In the past, Andrea has also voiced a national Tip of the Day and was the host of The Energy Show on WBAP-820 AM in Dallas-Ft. Worth in 2006-2007 and the co-host of The Marty Griffin Show on KRLD-1080 AM in 2005-2006.

When she's not in front of a microphone, Andrea is often writing articles for magazines. Her expertise has appeared in Reader's Digest, Do!, Prevention, Country Home and Old House Interiors, just to name a few. Her Andrea's Choice columns have run in Home Magazine and Dallas Home Improvement and Verizon's Solutions at Home nationwide.

Andrea's new book, If I Had a Hammer - Over 100 Easy Fixes and Weekend Projects, was published by Harper Collins in the spring of 2008. In addition, she has appeared on numerous television shows including DIY's Tools and Techniques, Designing Texas and Hot on Homes. She is often seen on Fox 4's "Good Day" television program in her home market of Dallas, Texas.

Andrea and calf.

Andrea has been involved with several charities and civic organizations during her career: Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity and other groups, helping to generate corporate donations and building the Ask Andrea Habitat House. With the help of industry friends, Andrea has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of building materials to aid various causes. As an ongoing effort, she features a non-profit each week at the end of Ask Andrea.

Andrea is the proud mother of 3 young people who keep her busy during her down-time. She divides her week between her home city of Dallas and her small farm between Corsicana and Waco, Texas. She's an avid animal lover and has pets ranging from Scotty dogs to cows.

Dan Lepinski - "The Solar Man"

Dan the Solar Man

As a youngster, Dan received a solar energy experimenter's kit as a gift. It was love at first light. He was hooked. A few years later, he built a solar radio from scratch for a Science Fair project, and titled his project "Solar Power - Energy of the Future". One of the Science Fair judges left a note saying, "Next year, pick something different. Solar energy will never be practical." Never?!? He's been on a mission ever since.

Dan is Co-host and Producer for energizeGreen. With nearly 40 years experience in energy, energy conservation, and solar energy, Dan brings a strong technical background to energizeGreen. His own home is a model of energy efficiency, and includes solar electricity and solar hot water systems.

During the week, Dan works in the solar energy industry as Senior Engineer for Exeltech, manufacturer of DC-to-AC sine-wave inverters for solar energy and other applications. A true energy nut, Dan eats, breathes, and sleeps energy conservation - and his wife Lisa is nice enough to let him get away with it. Their home is often a test site for Dan's experiments. Of course, their near-zero electric bill every month sure helps!

With extensive experience in the energy field, Dan is a respected energy expert, serving as an advisor to individuals, municipalities, corporations, colleges and universities .. and more. For several years, he was an Associate Technical Editor for Home Power Magazine, a publication focused on all forms of solar energy and energy conservation. Holder of a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering, Dan is the only "civilian" member of the City of Dallas Executive Task Force for the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act on Energy Expenditures. He also serves on the Curriculum Advisory Boards for Tarrant Community College District and the Dallas County Community College District.

Blessed with a unique talent to translate complex energy issues into plain English we can all understand, Dan is much in demand as a public speaker, energy advisor, and authority on energy-related issues and topics.

In his "free" time, Dan's other interests include astronomy, meteorology (weather), camping, organic gardening, alternate transportation (electric vehicles and biodiesel), flying airplanes, solar cooking .. and teaching classes in solar energy and energy conservation to students of all ages. Oh! Did we mention .. he also frequently provides solar electricity at environmental and many other events!